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So, you think you know PI?

  1. Third party insurance represents which insured?
    A    The victim
    B    The “at fault” party
  2. First party insurance represents which insured?
    A          The victim
    B          The “at fault” party
  3. You automatically have PIP insurance unless you sign a “rejection in  writing”
    A          True
    B          False
  4. What is the statute of limitations on filing a PIP claim?
    A          12 mos.
    B          24 mos.
    C          36 mos.
    D         42 mos.
  5. Can a doctor collect PIP even if the patient doesn’t have PIP on his policy?
    A          Yes
    B          No
  6. If the PIP adjuster pays the PIP check to the patient or attorney can the doctor still force the carrier to pay anyway?
    A          Yes
    B          No
  7. The PIP adjuster tells you that the patient must file the PIP claim.  Is this true, or can the doctor file the claim, no matter what the adjuster says?
    A          Patient must file claim
    B          Doctor can file claim
  8. The third party adjuster claims they cannot contact their insured, therefore they are unable to establish a claim.  You should:
    A          Tell patient to go away, we will never get paid anyway
    B          Cry
    C          Tell patient’s attorney to file suit against third party
    D         Try to contact the third party driver by way of the police report
  9. The patient does not have an attorney, and refuses to hire one.  The third party carrier promises they will pay you directly.  You know from experience the third party will give the check to the patient and you will never see them again.  Can you legally force the third party carrier to pay you directly?
    A          Yes
    B          No
  10. Can an attorney legally have your patient sign a revocation of your AOB?
    A          Yes
    B          No
  11. Which of the following will PIP not pay for?
    A          Medical bills
    B          Funerals
    C          Domestic help
    D         Legal fees
    E          Lost wages
  12. How much money does the average chiropractic clinic in the state of Texas lose every month because they do not understand PIP laws?
    A          $0
    B          $2500
    C          $5K - $10K
    D         $10K or more



  1. B
  2. A
  3. A
  4. C
  5. A
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B
  11. D
  12. C


If you get all the answers correct, congratulations! - You know more PI than most.
If you missed 2 or more, you are losing $$$$$$$!!! - You should take the PI seminar, and/or call us to consult with you and your staff.
Remember, our job is to help you get paid for the work you perform. 
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